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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 29, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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> good morning, america. new radioactive fears out west. wildfires close in on thousands of barrels of nuclear waste. now a new air scare as residents get ready to run from a possible radioactive smoke plume. breaking overnight, the first tropical storm of the season gulf season. down to the wire, casey anthony's defense team attacks her parents in dramatic testimony to try to win the jury. the emotional answers that could make or break the case. princess grace's son finds out his bride-to-be may be a
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royal bride on the run. wish i could tell you what he said. good morning, everyone. i would never do that. but i would volunteer to go to the royal wedding in monaco. >> you're giving them a clue now. >> i'll leave it at that. tweet me. i'll let you know. it is a worrisome time for those downwind from the flames. if flames reach that nuclear waste that is stored there it could create a radioactive smoke plume. >> that is why firefighters are doing everything they can. first the overnight developments on the season's first tropical storm. sam is monitoring arlene picking up steam in the gulf of mexico. >> good morning, george, robin, good morning, everyone. what we know, on the board a giant swirl of clouds where you
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would expect an early storm to develop, if maybe a week or two early. what you want to focus on is right here. it is going to further strengthen. we're moving the storm system into mexico, forming in the mountains. landfall probably thursday morning. at our optimistic best, it's probably about an inch of texas from brownsville to mcallen, most of the heavy rain well in mexico, we'll go over arlene, what it means for the weeks ahead. could any of the moisture get into the deserts by the time we get to the holiday weekend. >> maybe hope it will move in that direction. all right, sam. the dangers out west, officials are on high alert as wildfires burn near one of the nation's most secretive nuclear weapons labs. ryan owens is in los alamos with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning, that fire remains
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0% contained. the lab will be closed again today. that's three days in a row. namely because that fire has gone right up to the lab's perimeter on two sides. the fire that surrounds the los alamos lab is so big, you can see the smoke from space. concern over what's in that smoke has prompted the environmental protection agency to bring in air monitors. even a special airplane that checks for radiation. so far, they found nothing. >> our facilities and nuclear materials are protected and safe. >> reporter: los alamos, bir birthplace of the atomic bomb, was shrouded in secrecy long before it was surrounded in smoke. with the fire just two miles from those barrels that contain radioactive waste like old chemical suits, gloves and tools, lab officials aren't the only ones trying to reassure the public. >> based on what you've seen, do you feel comfortable saying to the public, we are safe right now? >> yes. i am confident in saying that
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they are committed to making it safe. >> reporter: los alamos, the city, remains a ghost town. most of its 12,000 rest dweptss evacuated monday. some leaving sprinklers on to protect their homes. a few dozen die-hards have stay unfazed by their nuclear neighbor. >> i lived here all my life and i know they're equipped and i know that they're ready for these kind of extreme emergencies. >> reporter: firefighters have made progress over the last few days and say the risk of these flames reaching radioactive material is slim. but this morning they caution winds could change and so could their level of confidence. >> we just can't relax yet. it's better but it's just not quite there. >> reporter: firefighters are hoping the winds will continue to cooperate, at least for much of the day. they are expected to get gustier this evening. robin. >> still reason for concern, ryan, thank you. let's turn to josh elliott for the rest of the developing
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stories. >> good morning to you, robin and george and to all of you. we begin, police in new york are stepping up security at major hotels as a precaution. this is all following that deadly attack and violent standoff with terrorists at a hotel in afghanistan, popular with foreigners. at least 11 were killed at kabul's intercontinental hotel and we're learning there were americans inside at the time of the attack. nick schifrin is there with the latest. good morning to you, nick. >> reporter: good morning, josh. that's right. two americans survived this brazen attack at this hotel right behind me. suicide bombers in the middle of the night were going floor to floor hunting for people to kill. it's a brazen reminder that insurgents can still attack one of the most secure buildings in the country. for 4 1/2 hours, 9 gunmen with automatic weapons and suicide vests waged a huge battle. they had gotten through three
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layers of security. a whommer blew himself up at the first security checkpoint then the rest of the team shot their way into the hotel. inside they spread out shooting and blowing themselves up. >> it was huge blast, some 5, 6 blasts. >> reporter: outside afghan commandos rushed to help. and a nato helicopter hovered above. it fired on the roof killing three attackers. ththsiege was finally over. and the hotel guests were lucky to be alive. >> i don't think we really know quite what happened. >> reporter: nato believes militants based inside of pakistan helped plan this attack and today afghan and u.s. officials are investigating whether those militants had any inside information from people in this hotel. josh? >> nick schifrin in kabul with the very latest. meanwhile, the government in greece is approving deep spending cuts today to avoid a complete economic collapse there. the plan has triggered violence in athens with protesters and
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police battling through the night. our alex marquardt was there when chaos erupted.d. >> reporter: tear gas has been hanging in the air making it difficult to see and to breathe. >> the spending cuts could cost the average family in grissom $4,000 per year. meanwhile, bank of america is reportedly close to reaching a landmark settlement stemming from the 2008 mortgage crisis. it would pay $8.5 billion to investors who bought shaky mortgage-backed securities. the deal could lay the groundwork now for other major banks facing similar investor lawsuits. and the internet company behind the popular games farmville and mafia wars could file for an initial public offering as early as today. zynga's valuation could reach $20 billion. for farmville. finally,ore proof that times square really is the
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crossroads of the world. within the last 24 hours right over my shoulder we saw everything from the wondress alicia keys performing live to that guy. he calls himself a rapper. i believe we're seeing some of the performance albeit from the back. he climbed a 20-foot light pole right out there ostensibly for publicity refusing to come down bringing this studio to a virtual standstill. he returned to earth not using the bouncy house the police was using for him and was properly handcuffed and led away. i tell you, robin, if the man wants a picture with george, he can just come and knock on the door. he certainly doesn't have to climb a pole. >> that pole right out there and everybody was lined up watching it. >> good thing it happened earl will. >> the police handled it very well. to politics and with all the activity in theey state of iowa these days you'd have thought the presidential caucuses were just a couple of weeks away.
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president obama dropped in yesterday to talk jobs a few hours of ahead of sarah palin and michele bachmann. jake tapper was there with the president. he's back at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: president obama sounded very much like a candidate when he spoke in iowa. sarah palin said there was still time for her to make up her mind and run for president if she decided to. if she did she would commit to the iowa caucuses 110%. at an all-american heartland barbecue as yet noncandidate sarah palin would not bite. after reporters asked about her daughter's assertion on fox news that mom had made up her mind. >> talked about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat. >> reporter: palin had come to pella for a screening of "the n undefeated." a documentary packed with praise. >> she was the ceo of 25,000 employees. >> reporter: this is iowa and
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campaign season is on so just 150 miles away. >> oh, my god. i love you so much. >> i appreciate that. >> reporter: the white house labeled this an official trip but it sure felt like a candidate on the stump asking for four more years. >> we've got the capacity, not only to get back to where we were, but to get to where we need to be. that's why i ran for president. >> reporter: but in iowa and across the country this withering tv ad attacks the president's economic record. part of a whopping $20 million ad campaign funded by the independent group karl rove helped form, crossroads gps. >> 14 million out of work. america drowning in debt. it's time to take away obama's blank check. >> reporter: beginning with a less than $1 million buy this ad attacking republicans. >> the republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn. we can't rebuild america if they tear down the middle class. >> reporter: president obama had attacked third party groups that do not disclose their donors
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like rove's group but this new ad is from a group run by his former spokesman, bill burton. >> we decided it was important to respond to the fact that karl rove was running $20 million in negative attack ads 17 months out from the election. >> reporter: one of the front-runners in iowa, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann got some good news from a gallup poll indicating that among republican, george, she has very high name recognition, 69% and very positive voter intensity. when voters like her, they like her a lot. >> signs she's doing better in new hampshire. big crowd for michele bachmann in south carolina last night, but, jake, we also learned the president will hold this press conference later this morning. he's going to be back on the economy and really focusing in on these increasingly tense debt limit negotiations. >> reporter: that's right. one of the messages that he will be conveying to the american people in this press conference is what he has been doing to reduce the debt since last august. what the efforts have been,
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george. >> okay, jake, thanks very much. i'll be anchoring live coverage of his press conference at 11:30 eastern. robin. >> now to a groundbreaking study on mammograms that found screenings do save live, many more lives than previously agreed. dr. besser is here to break it down. this is an extensive study. >> this is exciting. this was massive, 130,000 women in sweden were followed for 29 years. they were offered mammograms beginning in their 40s every two years. and what they found was that over time lives were saved. 30% fewer deaths among those women who were screened with the mammograms. if you translate to the u.s. population that could make a difference of 10,000 to 20,000 lives per year. >> the benefits going forward are even greater. >> well, and that's the big thing here. when you look at other studies that were done, they weren't following women so long and what they saw was that the benefits
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in terms of saving lives really started to occur after about 10 years so if you didn't follow them long enough it looked like they weren't that effective. >> as more time goes on, you can tell. what does it do for recommendations. >> i don't know it will put to rest the debate by all doctors and women but puts it to rest for me. i think there is enough evidence that women should get mammograms regularly starting in their 40s. that's what's recommended by the american cancer society. that's what i'd recommend to my wife, my friends, my family. >> remember a couple of years ago, the seeds of doubt were planted. >> yeah. >> because they were saying some groups were saying you had to wait until 50 which was outrageous to a lot of people. >> clearly the more breast cancer that occurs when you get older so screening older women you'll s s a bigger benefit. doesn't mean there's not a benefit to yououer women. this addresses that in a big way. >> this is no doubt very, very encouraging, but, you know, my
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cancerous tumor was not detected by a mammogram is but you do need to know your body. >> i think that's so right. in addition to that you need to know your body and know whether there are any changes in your body and you need to know your family history. if you have someone in your family with it, you need to be screened earlier. >> all right, rich, thanks. >> we have more health news. a new study confirming americans are eating a lot more than we used to, almost 600 calories a day more and john berman has been looking at this. this is just in the last 30 years. >> reporter: ever wonder what's different than 1977? the answer might not just be the music and your hair but your gut. a new study finds we're eating much, much more than we did 30 plus years ago. ever wonder why disco died, why we no longer dance like john travolta in "saturday night fever"? maybe because we can't fit in the outfit. the new study out of north
7:15 am
carolina finds we're eating 570 more calories every day every day than we did back in 1977. the year "saturday night fever" came out so what changed? first of all, portions. >> we are used to seeing more on our plates, therefore, we eat it. when it's in front of us, we consume it. >> we don't just consume it once but all the time. we are now a society of snackers. >> we have food everywhere. there are gas stations, at movie theaters, we've got it at, you know, the coffee shop. >> reporter: so what does 570 calories look like? think a quarter pounder with cheese, this bag of chip, a couple bottles of soldda. americans are adding that to their guts and elsewhere every day which all makes for some very bad math. 570 a day is nearly 4,000 calories a week which is how much exactly? >> that is the equivalent of one pound. that's for one week.
7:16 am
>> reporter: remember there are 52 weeks in a year. no wonder the rate of obesity in america has doubled since t the '70s. and no wonder no one wears outfits like this. ♪ more than a woman >> reporter: we'd probably spill food on them anyway. so the message from doctors is lay off the snacking, cut down on portions and maybe just maybe some of us can all dance again. >> not in that suit. thanks very much. to sam with the weather. >> i saying in. to the boards but i do have that suit. we'll show you what's going on with the heat. a lot of places it's roaring from midland to albuquerque to phoenix, five states that have heat warnings or watches out today and this area in kansas city to oklahoma city, rapid city, wichita in there, the humidity there will make it feel like it's 105 to 115. take it easy this that part of the country. to show you where it's gorgeous after thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic and northeast, 87 in washington, 80 in new york, 82 in boston.
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one or two pocks of widely scattered showers in the northwest. we'll talk about that as the morning goes on. > the humidity is dropping and moving this is a time lapse over laurel, maryland at the sunrise.
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the humidity is dropping so it becoming more comfortable outside. -- 76 degrees in the district right now. we are on our way to the mid- 80's with low humidity. snow. >> tropical storm arlene makes landfall soon. we'll talk about that next. another royal wedding to talk about. new reports overnight that the royal bride-to-be may be on the run. maybe putting the brakes on the marriage to princess grace's son. bianna golodryga? >> they couldn't send us to monaco for this. i heard you say that. for the prince who seemed to have the george clooney no marriage philosophy, no expense was too big for the woman who would change his mind. they were the picture of happiness here. but just days before their own
7:19 am
wedding there's speculation that something may have gone wrong. it's the other royal wedding. a glamorous $80 million affair. as a perpetual bachelor prince albert is finally settling down and marrying the stunning former olympic swimmer charlene wittstock. >> it is a huge deal for monaco. they haven't had a wedding this big for 50 years. >> reporter: but is this fairy tale turning into a nightmare? numerous reports have surfaced the future princess-to-be has bolted for the airport with a one-way ticket back home to south africa. it's been reported she was concerned about fresh allegations regarding prince albert's notorious past. he's fathered two children out of wedlock and under law there neither is a legitimate heir. still seems nothing could pressure the prince to tie the knot, something he confirmed e
7:20 am
ron claiborne in 2006. >> any plans you can disclose. >> i have no plans in the near or distant future. >> reporter: as for the charlene runaway rumors a palace spokesperson told "people" magazine none of this is true and we think it comes from utter jealousy. so it seems the three days of festivities with a concert by the eagle, two ceremony, 3,500 dinner guests and fireworks remains on. quite the party and despite reports that say police acting on royal orders literally stopped charlene at the airport, the palace says the "a" list invitees include karl lager field, demi moore and ashton kutcher will witness a royal wedding. >> princess grace's wedding. member the pictures. >> so beautiful. >> all right, "b," thanks. >> casey anthony's lawyers go after her parents. dan and nancy are back to talk about the dramatic testimony. >> dangerous stunts that go
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we know right from wrong. and we know the ads blaming president obama for the economy are politics at its worst. the e republicans s have oppd economic reforms at every turn. and now they have a plan that would essentially end medicare for future retirees... slash education... while giving huge tax breaks to big oil and the wealthy. we canan't rebuild america if they tear down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning to you. 7:26 of his wednesday, june 29. i am cynne simpson with a local
7:27 am
news update. check on the morning commute with lisa baden. there is a complication on 29 out of maryland. there is a crash at pliers mill road should be gone by the time you get there. a longstanding problem eastbound. it has been closed for 44 minutes. is interstate 66 eastbound between the rest area and 29/centreville with an accident vehicle a look at all that activity. beautiful day a today. had early morning cloud cover we haveut of here and beautiful sunshine now. frederick is 73 degrees. 76 degrees downtown and still a muggy in lexington park but the humidity is steadily
7:28 am
dropping. made 80's today with a lot of e humidity.d lov great to moral as well. we will crank up the heat and humidity by the fourth of july holiday weekend, mid-90's by saturday we are following breaking news for montgomery county where a man died after taser by police. authorities say the paramedics p him after a car crash last night. tasered the man and he died at the hospital. updated.eep you anotherbe back with news update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
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it is crunch time in the murder trial of casey anthony. her family pitted against each other. mother, father and brother all under pressure from casey's lawyers and, of course, dan and nancy are here in weigh in and tell us what it means. >> crunch time, indeed. also ahead an explosive new trend for teens making homemade bombs. and we'll go inside the alarming and disturbing stunts. >> they thought it was a game but it is really dangerous. from unknown to overnight sensation, we picked one talented 14-year-old girl, lexi st. george. we'll find out if she's on the fast track to fame in our big series "one week to hit it big." >> the latest on the murder trial of casey anthony.
7:31 am
several crucial witnesses for the defense took the stand tuesday, an explosive day of testimony and ashleigh banfield was in the courtroom tweeting away and has the latest from orlando this morning. good morning, ash. >> reporter: hi, robin. just an overload of testimony yesterday, really. and we're going to start off with a real bang again today because right off the bat there will be a motion for a mistrial heard based on the way this jury was chosen. of those 11 witnesses we heard yesterday several stood out because for the most part they highlight casey's defense which is to drag her family through the mud. it's down to the wire for a defense team that's been struggling and the hits are getting harder. >> you never told crystal holloway while the two of you were being romantic this was an accident that snowballed out of control. >> i never confided in anything like that. i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: destroying her father on the tan is a way to win her case. she's kused ♪ i see you
7:32 am
him of covering up the accident ago drowning of her child and saying he had a mistress could help prove it. >> did you ever tell her not to say anything about your affair with her? >> i'm going to say this again. i did not have an affair with her so the answer is no. >> reporter: the anthony family endured yet another day on the stand but it was this man. >> good morning, mr. kronk. >> a meter reader whose testimony seemed critical. roy kronk's emergency calls led police to kai's remains. >> i noticed something that looked white and there was a -- like a gray bag down in there. >> reporter: the defense paints him less as a good samaritan who found the child's bones and more as an accomplice who was somehow involved. perhaps for reward money, perhaps just for fame. >> did you call your son and tell him that you were soon to be famous? >> no, sir. >> did you at any time tell him you were going to be rich?
7:33 am
>> no, sir. >> reporter: even abc licensed photos from kronk but prosecutors were quick to point out all the things he wasn't. >> have you ever had access to the home of the anthony family? >> no, ma'am. >> their backyard? >> no, ma'am. >> their computer? >> no, ma'am. >> caylee anthony's diapers. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: it went from bad to worse for casey when the judge barred the jury from hearing her former fiance back up her claim of sexual abuse. >> she told me she woke up with lee standing over her and in another instance was groping her. >> reporter: something else jurors didn't hear, surprise testimony from jail guards about the casey anthony they've come to know. >> she always had a pleasant attitude. >> miss anthony is a model inmate. >> reporter: a model inmate who could land on death row. and it has been 42 days since the jury selection process began in this case. we are told by this defense attorney they are down to just a
7:34 am
handful of witnesses left, wait for it, the judge articulated in court he wants to know soon if ms. anthony will take the stand and it's that moment he asks her to stand up and say it's her decision and her decision alone. we might get that today. >> a lot of people waiting to hear that. that could be today. all right, ash, let's bring in nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hln and here in the studio dan abrams. dan, let me start with you first. really big day for the defense yesterday. >> yeah, i mean this shows you how difficult the defense in is. i think the defense had a pretty good day and yet they didn't put a dent into the prosecution's case. meaning they were able to show that roy kronk, this meter reader made some inconsistent statements but they aren't able to show he staged the scene. they were able to pose questions about whether george anthony may or may not have had an affair but they weren't able to show he put the body there. they were able to pit lee
7:35 am
anthony and cindy anthony against each other with regard to certain testimony but it still didn't change the fundamentals of the case in my view. >> despite the day they had it didn't change the force of -- >> it was the most substantive day the defense has had and i think they made progress with certain witnesses, but they still haven't demonstrated the fundamentals. >> that whole day didn't amount to a hill of beans. come on. go back to the opening statement. all the things that jose baez says he's going to prove. did he prove any of it? all day long i'm watching the testimony, waiting for the other foot to drop. it never happened. they never proved kronk had the body, in fact, they tried to make him look like a bad guy because he found the body and called police repeatedly over and over. so what if he got a reward? he should have gotten a reward. george anthony, george stuck to his guns. they got nowhere fast except for one thing they made cindy anthony look like a liar.
7:36 am
they did that. one of their star witnesses by putting up lee anthony and with lee anthony they told the jury that the anthony family sends a pishgs i. out to where caylee's body was found to nose around. here's my question, how did they know where the body was unless tot mom told them? >> let's pick up on that a little bit, nancy. a lot of people were surprised because cindy nelson -- cindy -- cindy anthony, excuse me had been such a good witness for the defense. had done so well and then she -- they bring on lee yesterday, her son to contradict what she said as she said it. it really didn't make much sense. >> exactly. it was such a bad trial strategy. they're not thinking. they're throwing everything up hoping something will stick and get into the juror's minds and, hey, it may work, all this business about an affair with george anthony, roy kronk stealing the body. it's physically impossible for a meter reader to have gotten
7:37 am
caylee's whole bedroom basically and thrown it at the crime scene. it didn't happen. >> what is the goal of that line of questioning. >> reasonable doubt and that's again the problem with the defense. they're not just going for t the -- there are question, they haven't proven their case. this is the problem with adopting the theory that the defense adopted, okay, roy kronk had inconsistencies in his statement where is the evidence that he literally finds the body in august, does something with it and then puts it back there in december. there is no evidence to support that which then leads to the question, does this put more pressure on the defense to call casey anthony to the witness stand. >> dan, here's another thing with the jesse grund, a former fiance, they want him to come on the stand and say that she, tot mom, told him that brother lee had molested him and didn't feel safe with caylee around him. that's their way of getting out
7:38 am
of putting tot mom on the stand. if he says she told me this, she's relieved of having to say it herself. >> he's not going to. >> that's hearsay, people. >> i don't think he will allow the testimony and as a result, there's going to be a lot of pressure, i think, that if you're sticking with your guns as to what they said in opening statements, we come back to this question. you have to call her to the stand and, yet, i still don't think she'll testify. >> both of you heard what ashleigh said, today we could find out. again, what do you think, nancy, will we see her on the stand. >> i know this much. i know if she takes the stand, the state is going to have their salt and pepper ready before they carve her up. i though that much, and putting her up to ask her does she want to take the stand is routine, s.o.p., every judge does that so the defendant knows she's waiving her right to testify. the more pressure is on her to testify but still a bad idea. >> in court when the judge said that he actually said before we
7:39 am
make -- before we make a final decision on whether she'll testify i want to let defense counsel now, of course, i'm going to talk to ms. anthony to make sure she knows that this has to be her decision, her decision alone and you saw her nodding in court, clearly recognizing, clearly understanding that this is, you know, this is the big -- this is the big moment in the case. >> oh, it's going to be her decision. she's never listened to a thing anybody has ever told her. >> s.o.p., standard operating procedure. all right, nance, thank you, as always. have a great day there. >> thanks, robin. thanks, dan. >> we'll have you back again tomorrow. time now for the weather. woo. what do you think, sam? >> i just love watching those two minutes of television. hey, robin, the weather in san francisco is so weird, feel free to yell how weird was it. >> how weird was it. >> thanks for asking. the rain there, normally january is a very wet month, june, a very dry month. for the first time since the gold rush 1849 june is a wetter
7:40 am
month than january in san francisco. and that trend seems to want to continue. we've got some fog rolling along the coastline. early morning temperatures will be cool. later on in the day there may be sunshine breaking through but it's been a wild pattern of weather. does texas get rain out of this tropical system, arlene? maybe south texas from brownsville to mcallen. laredo, corpus, a little less, houston, maybe a sprinkle. the moisture wants to stay in mexico and not move north. there's a lot of heat t we are in the 70's right now humidity is gradually dropping. there is a lot of sunshine and last couplehan the days with high temperatures midhe >> all that weather was brought to you by california tourism. >> coming up, the alarming new trend among teens that could
7:41 am
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our eye. it involves the dangerous mayhem we never heard of b four teenagers have been arrested for launching dry ice bombs. they meant it as a prank but so serious they were held on $1 million bail.
7:45 am
abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: these soda bottles don't look dangerous. but watch what happens when you put dry ice and liquid in them. they become improvised explosive devices. watch it again. in slow motion. anlolook at the damage. it's a dangerous stunt that's gone viral online. apparently attracting teenage boys who love blowing things up. >> whoa! >> reporter: but this boy doesn't see the humor. >> something flew into my window. >> reporter: a passing car threw a plastic water bottle into his car not realizing at first it had dry ice in it. >> just as i look down, it exploded right into my face. >> reporter: police arrested four young men, two were charged with misdemeanors including this former high school football star from orange county, california. >> we booked him for possession of an exclusive device with the intent of terrifying or causing
7:46 am
injury. >> dry ice is nothing but solidified carbon dioxide at minus 110 degrees fahrenheit and could easily blow off a finger, damage an eye, shatter glass. we're talking about genuine explosion that could literally kill you. >> reporter: this youtube video shows a close call. this boy can't get out of the way fast enough and it explodes while he's holding it. at one of the world's largest ice manufacturers, they're well aware that it can be deadly. >> when you contain it, let's say a coke bottle or something like that and you add a fluid to it, you accelerate that pressure significantly and you just -- it will just slowly keep building and building until, boom, it's going to explode. >> reporter: a bomb essentially. >> oh, yeah. >> and though some consider it an innocent prank, police call it a crime that could have deadly consequences. for "good morning america,"
7:47 am
abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> boy, those things are scary. coming up, one bossy ba y b and this chihuahua taking on all these sheep. the chevy cruze eco offers an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon on the highway. how does it do that? well, to get there, a lot of complicated engineering goes into every one. like variable valve timing and turbocharging, active front grille shutters that clososat high speeds, and friction reducing -- oh, man, that is complicated. how about this -- cruze eco offers 42 miles per gallon. cool? ♪ ♪
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♪ >> around the watercooler this morning, it's not just wayward waterfowl that i have an expertise in.
7:51 am
your sheepdog stories. this is nancy. that's a sheepdog. masquerading as a chihuahua and a darned good sheepdog to boot. 2 1/2 pounds of fierce herding menace. look at this. this is -- >> they're running the other way. >> as good as nancy is, take a look at an actual sheepdog. this is actually sad. border collie. her instinct makes her want to herd sheep but she's too scared to do it. so they end up herding her. and sudden think there is a tear in the time space continuum. >> why are you guys closing in on me? >> a good chihuahua when you can get one. >> you have lexi st. george coming up on "pop star." will she make it? next half hour.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
next on "gma," one week to hit it big, the making of a "gma" pop star, lexi st. george. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. lummistime is 7:56 wednesday, june 29. i am cynne simpson and we will t the road with lisa baden. s66minutes that 60 eastbound was closed. two lanes now dead by to the right. video of that accident and the pace begins out
7:57 am
of gainesville this morning. there was a tractor-trailer that fire after the truck collided they are l doing a lot of cleanup and are on 234, bulls ford bypass and for the battlefield. front thata cold out ahead of the weather yesterday. behind that cold front, it is beautiful. it looks and feels nice outside. it is currently 77 degrees and 76 in the district. the northwesterly winds are the less humid air. it will be mostly signed -- humidtoday and less andrrow, low humidity day and we crank for theeat and humidity
7:58 am
weekend and upper 90's by saturday. officers will be on patrol at metro stations today. metro transit and prince officerscounty police force at 14 metro stations critical operation blue reach out to we will have another news update at 8:27. for continuous news coverage,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ fame >> oh, fame, what does it take to really be the next big thing? lara spencer has been helping one lucky teen, lexi, take on the challenge of a lifetime. >> it really is. this is a 14-year-old girl. can we take a regular kid, a pop star wanna-be, if you will, and turn her into an overnight sensation? you will find out in the latest from our series "one week to hit it big." >> you were working hehehard. we got breaking news on the
8:01 am
amanda knox trial. in the trial some forensic experts are actually saying that the dna evidence that was used to convict her may have been contaminated so we're going to bring dan abrams back in to talk about that. >> it keeps going on and dr. b, dr. besser proves he is a doctor with a great seaside manner. the things to keep you and your family safe all summer. he makes the transformation. you have to see the opening of this piece. think "baywatch." >> let's get to some news. >> we'll begin with some breaking news from greece. take a look, these live images from athens where protesters and police continue to clash as the government there approves drastic spending cuts to avoid a complete financial collapse. the air thick with flames, smoke and tear gas forcing people to wear masks even slather on maalox to keep from getting burned.
8:02 am
we spoke to alex marquardt who's been caught in the middle of all this turmoil. >> reporter: after a calm morning there is a full-blown street battle between riot police and demonstrators. the protesters are throwing large chunks of marble broken off a pavement andtairs at the police as well as orange smoke bombs. the police are responding with waves of tear gas and stutu grenades. >> spending cuts going to affect -- can cost the average family $4,000 a year. meanwhile, 11 people have now died after that brazen attack and standoff at this luxury hotel in kabul, afghanistan. it didn't end until nato helicopters fired on the roof. as a precaution police here in new york are now stepping up security at major hotels. meanwhile, the epa is testing for radiation this morning as crews scramble to contain the wildfire in new mexico. you can see it here, the hills above los alamos. the fire closing in on the
8:03 am
nation's premiere nuclear wea n weapons lab. officials insist the thousands of barrels of nuclear waste stored above ground there will be safe. so far favorable windsds are helping firefighters. some breaking news in the case of u.s. college student amanda knox convicted of murder in italy. court appointed dna experts now say that some of the evidence used to convict her is unreliable. independent forensic experts saying some of the dna traces may have been contaminated. our legal analyst dan abramss here and so, dan, what now will this mean for knox's appeal. >> this is a big development for amanda knox. remember that none of her dna was actually found exactly where the crime occurred and so this dndn found on a knife that prosecutors suggest was the murder weapon found at her boyfriend's home, also some dna found on a bra clasp are really the two most important pieces of dna evidence in this entire case
8:04 am
and now these independent experts coming forward and saying, , at evidence may have been contaminated, that may lead the prosecutors with simply inconsistent statements by amanda knox which this appeals court may say is not enough to convict. >> a years long series of trials taking an important turn. dan abrams with the latest. an emergency court hearing has been scheduled in the case of jared loughner, the man accused in january's shooting massacre in tucson. at issue, loughnhn's antipsychotic medication and his behavior behind bars. abc's pierre thomas has been following this case. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: hi, josh. we're getting new insight into how disturbed jared loughner may be. raising more questions about whether he will ever be stable enough to stand trial. in april, loughner allegedly spat and lunged at one of his attorneys before being restrained by guards. and during a session with a psychiatrist he started cursing and threw a plastic chair at him. he also hurled a wet roll of toilet paper at a camera in the
8:05 am
room. prosecutors are making these allegations in court filings as they argue that loughner can be forced to take antipsychotic drugs. they claim he is a danger to others but defense attorneys believe prison officials cannot force loughner to take medication without a court order. today federal judge larry burns has scheduled a emergency hearing to resolve the legal debate. this comes a month after burns determined that loughner is not competent to stand trial because he's a paranoid schizophrenic and delusional. he is being held at a federal prison in springfield, missouri, for up to four monthshile medical professionals try to restore his mental health. there are no guarantees loughner will ever be well enough to face trial. >> there are cases in which the psychosis is so deep and so severe and so completely controlling of the mind that it will never change no matter how much medication is given over a lengthy period of time. >> reporter: as the tragedy of tucson unfolded it became clear that what happened was sheer
8:06 am
madness. for the man who pulled the triggser it may very well have been. josh? >> pierre thomas with the latest. thank you for that. and finally, well, talk about excuses. the u.s. women's soccer team beat north korea 2-0 on tuesday. there you see onon of the two goals scored. today though the north korean coach says he thinks he knows why his team fell. >> why? >> claims that five of his players were struck by lightning while training back home in pyongyang and, thus, arrived to the game late. so was lightning -- >> five of them were struck by lightning. >> and then they were tardy to boot. >> you can't make that up. >> let's face it. they can make up anything they want. now, if we buy it, that's a completely different story. >> you can watch the women's world cup on espn, such a great -- i love sports. you know. the contrast. >> sheer joy. >> this is a u.s. women's team, came into the tournament a
8:07 am
little bumpy, a nice way to start. >> didn't get struck by lightning. >> and lightning-free. >> all right, josh, now let's go to lara for the buzziest entertainment headlines and trends over at the big board. >> you guy, is that like the dog ate my homework in the world of sports. >> may as well be. >> our pop news heat index. what's hot, what's real. what's not so hot and what's right now. all right, let's get it started. why is the pope up? let's go back to my big board. let's go. hello. well, i'll give you the news and the board will find itself. work with me over there. are you guys with me? our top story, try to imagine a little boy on a runway. he's a model and he is crying the entire way down that runway in paris. they say it's not easy being beautiful and apparently that is the truth. thankfully one of the other models dropped that blue steel i can't be bothered long enough to console the little boy.
8:08 am
was it the collection that brought this angel to tears or maybe he just wants to be outside playing with his friends like little boys should be doing. all right. let's move on. he is insanely popular with the single ladies but in our weekly prince harry -- >> look behind you. >> oh, my god. seriously. >> also insanely popular -- >> the pope is popular with not only ladies, with everybody. his royal holiness is the latess to join twitter. just going out of order. working with the control room. feel this with me. the pope is now on twitter. it sounds like a joke, doesn't it? but he really is and so just be very careful what you tweet because you never know who might be watching. guys, just to be clear, the pope now has only 37,000 followers. i recommend that you start following and right now he is not following anybody, though -- >> it's 37,001. george just did it. >> his father was a priest. he knows.
8:09 am
>> the pope's first tweet was to promote a website. >> that's true. >> hey, thank you guys for that newscast. that was great fun over here. >> come on. you've got a lot of bells and whistles going on over here. this is the first malfunction we've had. not bad batting average you got over there. >> the glamour of live television. >> sam? >> i got to tell you this, straight in, straight in that fancy big board for a homemade sign like kate. at do you say. >> hometown girls say "wake up america." >> a hand drawn sign works every time. one or two things going on we want to tell you about. if you're in kansas city our friends at kmbc who know kansas city better than anyone else in the world tell us the heat is on there. it's not just heat but humidity as well creeping up through the middle of the country. these numbers are bad enough. also chicagoland gets there by the time you get to friday.
8:10 am
it's going to feel like 105, 110 degrees in a lot of places in the middle of the country because it's heat and humidity combined. memphis, 90 degrees and by the way arlene does make its move toward the texas coastline, northern texas coast -- sorry, northern mexico coast, southern texas coastline may get rain o districtes in the the 70 + pretty much everywhere. cumberland is cooler at 68. the humidity is dropping across the board. behind that cold front, the to drop.will continue the dew point is in the 50's. pretty much every hour, you will change the highs be in the mid 80's. still comfortable tomorrow but really >> we are live in times square so, see, lara, we'll all draw
8:11 am
signs for you like the sexy zumba ladies say. >> notice i'm no longer at the smart board. i'm sitting -- i'm very safe right here. here's a look at what's ahead on "gma." jerry seinfeld, a home wrecker. why one man says it destroyed his marriage. hen this teen has big pop tar dreams. can we make them come true? almost overnight? see what happens in our series "one week to hit it big" and dr. richard besser puts sun and surf lovers to the test when he tells you and your family how to stay safe all summer long coming up on "good morning america." rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira. for many adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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8:16 am
coming up, "goododorning america's" sneaky teacher sponsored by target. >> you know what they say, all is fair in love and war but not according to one broken hearted divorcee. after he and his wife appeared together on the first episode of the marriage ref, their marriage went downhill. he says it's all jerry seinfeld's fault. abc's linsey davis joins with us more. this is a little bizarre. >> it is. it's not you, it's not me, it's reality tv. their marriage went from on the air to on the rocks faster than you can say reality tv. they threw his good marriage into an altered state, he says, and he does blame jerry seinfeld. >> she's just great. >> ah, thank you. >> reporter: these are the colon be colonburgs during happier times before their 15-year marriage was ended. he blames it on stand-up comedian jerry seinfeld and the
8:17 am
producers of the reality show "the marriage ref". >> i got in a fight with my wife that i thought would take all night but luckily a friend of mine was there. >> maybe i should just go. >> i'll make my case, she'll make her case and you call it. >> he's co-creator, you know, co-producer. his crew and his producers really got us souped up that we could be stars the next day. >> reporter: after videotapes, they were picked from a pool of thousands of applicants. they appeared on one of the show's first episodes where three celebrities pick a side in a real-life marital dispute. >> every other man goes out without his wedding ring. >> he says they manufactured a fight. >> we come across a thing where i take my wedding ring off when i play basketball. they love that angle. she didn't care whether i took my ring off or not. we embellished a little. >> why did you decide to go on the show? >> i felt that it would help our business and i felt it could be fun and the show's producers
8:18 am
said it would pump up the publicity. >> he said he and his wife were happily married and instead of pumping up business for their spa, the only thing it did was pump up his wife's head. >> saying how christine looks so great and her lips are beautiful and all of a sudden she's getting a big head and wants to do "playboy" whrt sh she started posting racy pictures onnen line they were almost pulled from the show. >> can you say the show pushed her over the edge? >> i can't be 100% sure. i think it had a big part in it. >> howie says after the segment aired she not only left him but their 4 1/2-year-old son and took off for hollywood in hopes of becoming a star. apart from a small part in this indy film "sh"shakra love" it
8:19 am
hasn't happened. >> they were having financial problems and communication problems and was doing things under false pretenses, it sounds like by being on the reality show. >> she is are my friends. >> reporter: marriage and reality tv have a somewhat rocky relationship. >> when a couple is on a reality tv show, what it can do is give them i new perspective. the glaring spotlight of reality tv really highlights the dysfunction. >> reporter: a representative for seinfeld wouldn't comment on the current dispute but when asked for his reaction specifically to howie's claims seinfeld reportedly joked to "the daily news," love it, love it, love it. anything that alleviates the withering blithering boredom of existence, i'm in favor of. >> you're not going to take action against him. >> no, it's just about a warning to other people out there, you know, that reality shows have consequences.
8:20 am
>> reporter: this is how it played out. seinfeld and the other two celebrity judges voted unanimously in favor of the wife. >> jerry, she's right. if it makes her happy, put on the rein. >> howie has since taken the ring off for good. the show sent them on a second honeymoon but that apparently went nowhere. the divorce was finalized about three months ago. we weren't able to reach christine but she moved to canada to live with her producer/boyfriend and is on the brink of bankruptcy. >> there were problems before. >> basically again when you're in the spotlight of reality tv, that kind of highlights and brings forth somee of the simmering problems jungdz neath. >> yeah, but the little boy, her little son. >> 4 1/2-year-old son at home. howie says she does try to call every night to talk to him but still the price of being on tv and she was in an episode of
8:21 am
"sh "shopaholics." >> it's caused a little controversial and debate. can a reality show be blamed for the couple's divorce? vote now. using the "gma" app or on your iphone or android or hea to our website >> how about a happy story? it's been an exciting week for lexi st. george. we scouted her for our series, "one week to hit it big" and put her in pop star boot camp. lara, you told her t t work har to make her beautiful voice better. today a new challenge. >> we saw this really can happen lexixi learned a song and today we'll see her face a new task taking that song and i'm getting it on its feet and as lexi discovered, not easy. on day one a surprise knock on
8:22 am
the door from patrice wilson would mean a dream come true. >> oh. >> tears of joy? >> yes. >> nice. >> reporter: her 14-year-old lexi st. george. in the blink of an eye lexi went from singing someone else's hit -- >> i see you're driving around town with the guy i love and ♪ >> reporter: to this. ♪ this time don't ever want to -- ♪ even if we're dreaming >> reporter: recording a song written for her by the creative force behind the viral sensation "friday". ♪ it's friday friday." >> reporter: so collection si's song go viral too? would this little dynamo who has been singing since she could talk become the next instant pop star? day three, next step takes lexi to the millennium dance studio. >> dance step. >> sorry. >> reporter: working with cho
8:23 am
chorichore i choreogra choreographer, it becomes a stumbling block. >> i looked down. >> reporter: she is a born perfectionist like so many performers. >> you see them on stage. perfect, they're not. there are hours and hours and hours of dance steps over and over again. don't get frustrated. >> reporter: she does get frustrated. >> you had it. >> reporter: but she sticks with it until she gets it right. ♪ >> reporter: fame isn't all footwork. >> something cute with sparkle. >> reporter: we swept the teen off her feet for a head to toe makeover. including the personal attention of celebrity stylist cristophe. >> a big piece, coming off, don't freak out. >> don't freak out? i trust you. >> reporter: in just three days
8:24 am
lexi has the song, the moves and now the look. >> we are at smashbox right now and i have my crew, ian and chris and joe nathan. the wizards behind the music video. >> i would like to add chillin' in the front seat in the backseat i'm driving, cruiseiin fast lane when the cop on the side, woo! >> reporter: day four, time to let the cameras roll at smashbox studios where sweet seven productions is cook up a sweet music video and lexi is the star. during hair and makeup she focuses on the performance ahead. some serious stilettos and that little girl we met at the mall has come a long way. ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ >> reporter: and now -- >> behind the music. >> reporter: action. ♪ everyone is hearing i am having so much fun ♪
8:25 am
>> hearing the bridge of the song she talks about the stars above the ceil godinez shining down on us. from there modeled a lot of what the video is ♪ even if we're dreaming >> she never got tired. >> off camera, she's -- action. okay, never get tired. literal in one day we shot 80% of the video. ♪ you knew yourself this was a moment you've been waiting for ♪ >> everything we do is without the big lavish things that studios have. we do it with just a couple guys with very minimal equipment and very time sensitive schedule and hope the product in the end is pretty good and i have to say it is. >> reporter: day five. that's a wrap. ♪ come on come on everybody feeling the beat ♪ ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ >> it took a a lot of work. >> it's a lot of work and her
8:26 am
mom says she is her own worst critic. that's really going to be a test because you need to have a thick skin. you also need to not beat yourself up. she's only going into ninth grade. this is big. it's really big. >> she's on her way to times square. >> she sent a tweet. at l.a.x. leaving to -- nyc for "gma" pop star, wui, wui, so excited. a little typo. >> you don't need the pop star sunglasses yet. . >> she's working the whole situation. but it's really good and the question now is can it go viral and that really is up to you guys. we'll have the big premiere on the show and have it on youtube so check it out. tell your friends and see if we can get the next "friday." >> behind-the-scenes video of lexi making it on our website, when we come back beating the summer brain drain.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ who goes around comes back around ♪ >> there is only -- ♪ what goes around comes back around ♪ >> -- one beyonce. friday morning live in central park, it's beyonce. only on "good morning america's" summer concert series on abc presented by burger king. >> the crowd just loves that. outdid himself. what a day it's going to be friday, center stage at central
8:31 am
park, beyonce live. get up early. she is going to be here. there is going to be a huge crowd. we'll have so much -- >> yes. ♪ >> we'll have a good time. you'll have to come back. beyonce in the park. so coming up in this half hour on "good morning america," dr. b, dr. richard besser, tough assignment. he had to go to miami beach because he wants to protect you and your family against summer safety dangers that you didn't even know were out there. lara, summer is a time when the kids want to relax. they can still learn things too. >> very frustrating and we'll learn with little sneaky teacher. you'll see video of kids playing basketball. did you know they're also having a math lessson. how is that? wewel explain coming up. yeah, just work with me. >ell, if that. >> beautiful here, sam. >> it was easier, it was
8:32 am
shorter. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. see, i don't talk sports. >> no. >> . so get us to the first tropical storm of the season. >> arlene, who gets rain out of it if any at all heading into texas. you have to be very optimistic to think that south texas will get much but southern areas might. landfall is probably by the time we get into thursday morning. so as we look at the high temperatures today, there's an awful lot of heat building in the middle of the country. it's not just heat, it's humidity today and that is going to kick some people around if the heat and humidity will make the heat index levels go up above 100 degrees so truly a scorcher in the heartland and how nice and comfortable it is in times square. you ready to get on
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brouout to you by nivea. no, i can't. >> come on. come on. >> oh. >> oh, robin. >> big summer fun. >> all right, all right, a a right. >> hang on. >> it's fun until somebody loses an eye. isn't that the saying? the reason we're out here, having such a good time, with such a beautiful audience, is because it's the summer, dr. b. people want to go out and have fun and you're doc at the door and took your act on the road to south beach, miami. >> the first time i went on the road. sun safety is critical. every year 60,000 are diagnosed with melanoma. that's not all you need to worry
8:34 am
about when you go to the beach th this summer. ah, blue skies above. the surf beckons you. what out here could possibly harm you? well, that's where i come in. it's time for dr. b-watch. ♪ >> sorry, david hasselhoff, so i grab my "gma" cooler and rolled myself to one of america's premiere sandy spots. miami beach. i have in here about 50 things of sunscreen. i have some aloe in case i get burned and my magnifying glass to check out moments. now get to work. it's like the united nations on the beach. >> don't speak english. >> where are you from. >> argentina. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> i don't speak develop english. complicated to explain. >> i don't speak italian. but i do speak the language of
8:35 am
sunscreen. make sure you get everywhere. the tops of your feet, one of the places that burn a lot. people forget about that. >> what's up dr. b-watch? >> what's up? >> good to see you. >> reporter: i quickly made friends who would take my sunscreen quiz. are you up for taking it. question one, does uva or uvb cause sunburn? "b." >> "a." >> want to change? it was "b." you should have stuck with "b." does uva or uvb make your skin look saggy? "b." >> "a." >> it's at a." "a" for aging, "b" for burn. for extra credit, every time you put on sunscreen should you put on a teaspoon amount, shot glass amount or cup? shot. >> shot. >> cup. it's a shotglass.
8:36 am
>> take it from a 12-year-old. >> america, you need to wear sunscreen. >> and that's a shot glass full of sunscreen. not the stuff this guy is drinking which brings me to this. of course, there's the kind you swim in and the kind you drink. >> we got to get some water. go through a liter an hour. that means you sweat out a liter of water every hour so fake a lesson from this fitness model. >> drink about a gallon a day. >> if you're doing this on the beach you need water more. water into me, now me into water. there are things to look out for like barracuda and jellyfish. if you get stung by a jellyfish, what do you do. >> all: pee on it. >> no, you don't pee on it. vinegar. >> reporter: but these girls from pittsburgh had a different problem. >> these minnows were nibbling at my leg. >> there you go. has anyone told you fish are attracted to jewelry. go in the water with jewelry,
8:37 am
they see the shiny thing, they think it's smaller fish and nibble at you. if you don't mind fish bites best to leave your jewelry at home. the lifeguards, true beach hero, first responders who scoop in to save you. i was having so much fun on the jet ski, i forgot to put on my life vest. wear a life vest so you don't end up down here. if you're on land you also don't want to end up down here. what's wrong with this picture? >> it's dangerous for you. >> you think i'm kidding? this olympic swimmer was buried neck deep back in may after a giant hole he helped dig collapsed around him. >> it created pressure on your diaphragm not allowing you to breathe. luckily this lifeguard was willing to take one for the team. >> feel it on my body. >> too much weight? >> too much weight. >> remember this, don't dig a hole deeper than knee height. and now dr. b-watch wishes you a
8:38 am
safe, unburdened, jellyfish-free, well hydrated summer at the beach. who wants sunscreen, free sunscreen? whatever type you want. anyone for some aloe? spray on, for a baby. "good morning america" frisbee. all right. enjoy. and that's it. our job is done here. >> oh, dirty job but somebody had to go to the beach to do it. >> it was so hard. i'm ready whether it was south beach or times square, i'm ready to keep everybody safe. >> twitter, got a little twitter chat. >> 1:00, hash tag dr. b chat. all your questions about beach safety. come there and i'll answer it. >> having a lot of fun but this is something you got to keep in mind. >> you can have a great weekend and you can have a safe weekend. >> i love the little "baywatch" theme. >> i think i'll do it again. coming up here on "gma," we have twins. do they have esp. see what we find out about
8:39 am
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can twins really read each other's minds, feel each other's pain? our friend from "nightline," juju chang, is studying the phenomenon of twin-tuition. >> it's a guinness record breaking high school and in many ways a living laboratory. now, twins often tell us those goose bumpy stories of what could be described as a
8:42 am
telepathic bond so we set out to investigate what makes us see things in twins that look more like esp than dna? in a suburb just outside dallas, j.j. pearce high school has set the guinness book world record of having the most pair of multiples in a single grade. can pairs of twin plus a set of triplets, all juniors, pearce has 32 sets of twins in all. >> our coach in high school still can't tell us apart. >> reporter: these baseball playing, history loving high school seniors dillon and thomas are headed to georgetown. together. >> sometimes when we're new to a place and people don't know us we'll mess around with them as far as who's who because some people can get it quick and some people can't get it at all. >> reporter: you just finished each other's sentences. do you do that a lot? >> it happens. >> i didn't even notice so i wouldn't say yes. >> reporter: we couldn't help
8:43 am
but notice that it was the identicals who kept talking about an eerie connections which mirrors of survey of 5,500 twins that found identical twins were twice as likely as fraternals to believe they experienced telepathy so we gave the pearce high school twins our own test to see how finally tuned they are. don't open your eyes. the twin's eyes open, write down the color they're thinking. >> purple. >> reporter: purple. 8 out of 11 of our pairs guessed the right color. and then we tried numbers. gentlemen. >> 3. >> 3. >> because? >> that's her birthday. >> 17. >> reporter: nice. >> pie football number. >> 7 of 11 were successfully able to read their twin's mind. we found one twin expert that said it's not telepathy but
8:44 am
shared genes and a lifetime of shared experiences. psychology professor nancy ziegel is studying what looks like to the rest of us as esp but has a different name for it. passive coordination. >> i don't believe it's telepathy. it's a matter of thinking a process through. >> reporter: because identicals have the same dna, she says their brains process information identically. they make the same mistakes on tests. they get the same grades. in other words, they actually think alike. but some twin synergy seems to defy scientific explanation. take lauren and ashley. >> i had mono but like i didn't have any of the symptoms and like ashley couldn't get out of bed. like she couldn't eat. >> i had all the symptoms. >> and i was like bouncing off the walls. >> we found dozens of uncanny stories where one is in a car accident and another senses it miles away or one twin's brother
8:45 am
was in the hospital and the other gets agitated and calls to discover he's having an enelectric tick fit. is it folklore or telepathy? >> it's interesting. you dig into all these on "nightline." there will be a lot more on the "primetime nightline:beyond belief."
8:46 am
8:47 am
welcome back. this is a problem a lot of moms will be able to relate to. it's summertime. your kids are getting lots of physical exercise but how can you make sure they are getting mental exercise, as well? i just had this discussion with
8:48 am
my 9-year-old yesterday. that's where our new sneaky teacher series comes in helping your kids stay smart all summer long. >> woo! >> reporter: ask kis everywhere, ask they jump into summer and their intelligence takes a plunge. it's called brain drain and it's real. experts say kids lose two months' worth of math, reading and science skills because they're out of the classroom and off to the beach. but this summer "gma" is fighting brain drain with our own sneaky teacher. rachel fishman-fedderson slipping in a little learning into everyday play. hello. >> hi. welcome. >> reporter: our first stop, the menendez family. jennifer is a stay-at-home mom with three very active boys. 10-year-old nick, 8-year-old twins alex and zach.
8:49 am
their summers are typically filled with trips to the boetsch, amusement parks and outdoor fun. but every day they're playing instead of hitting the books. knowledge is literally draining from their brains. >> it's frustrating for them as well as for me. >> i like to skateboard and scooter. >> skateboard and scooter. >> i usually like to play whiffle ball and basketball. >> reporter: kids learn best when they don't even know they're doing it or as we call it, sneaky learning. >> when they're doing something they love and attach it to a concept they're working on so let's go outside and play. >> reporter: they love competition whether jumping on the trampoline or shooting hoops. tip number one, show how learning is useful. >> count how much time. you count who won which game.
8:50 am
can you count during the game, count for the week or do a whole summer long tournament. >> reporter: when the boys aren't taking jump shots they're riding on their bike, scooters or skateboards. sneaky tip number two, structure play. instead of free riding we created a race course. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: each took turns racing to the end of the driveway and back while another used a stop watch for time and recorded each run. >> can you tell how much faster the bike was than the rip stick? >> okay, i could do this math. >> reporter: suddenly bike riding turns into simple subtraction. >> what's that? >> 1157. >> reporter: so far it seems to be a hit. how can we make reading and writing fun with these boys? >> object is to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. >> reporter: how about walking around the neighborhood. a perfect opportunity for
8:51 am
alphabet scavenger hunt. use nature os your classroom. >> driveway. beautiful. >> reporter: english class was never this exciting and time for fun with science. a little creativity transforms this backyard into an outside chemistry lab. our sneaky teacher tip number four, use everyday items. we took a few mentoss, some soda bottles and boom. a homemade volcano and a little sneaky science. for more creative ways to sneak learning in this summer or to share your tricks with us, go to and we will be right back.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
>> okay, we're out to settle this debate. this summer "gma" is hitting the road in search of the most beautiful place in america. we want to know what spectacular spot means the most to you. from jaw-dropping landscape, natural beauty to awe-inspiring places where you made your dreams come true, maybe it's where you had your first kiss,
8:55 am
maybe it's where you walked as a child with your dad, go now to and tell us about your most beautiful spot in america. we'll narrow it down to the top ten most beautiful and then we'll crown the one place that's the most beautiful of beautiful and who knows we might even drop in and visit too. it's "good morning america's" most beautiful place in america. share the beauty with all of america. >> i still love this idea because it's about seeing the beauty from inside a place, to me it's a no-brainer. the mississippi gulf coast, lived more than half my life there. it's the place, the beach along the coast is where i've gone, good times and bad. after prom, graduation, and even after my parent's funeral. i brought it back down with me and i have this huge picture in my dressing room, i see it each and every morning and takes me to the most beautiful place in the world to me. >> nothing beautiful about my
8:56 am
dressing room in times square. >> really, there's not? yeah. >> head to lexi st. george's big video tomorrow. watch "world news with diane sawyer" tonight. >> or with george. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
good morning at 8:56. a check on that traffic. longstanding delays out of gainesville, 29 for the battlefield. bypass,business and the everybody was feeling the heat. we will go live to newschopper7 and show you what it looks like now on eastbound 66. the left lane is still closed and here is the example of the pace. let's go to a live picture in maryland. our live delays are typical 952 georgia ave. the humidity has run out of your and it is still dropping. the clouds are out. around sunrise, the clouds out and this is over laurel, maryland.
8:58 am
the humidity is dropping and be a comfortable day to day. will be human and southern maryland. -- shim it in southern maryland. maryland,n southern same story tomorrow. we will crank up the heat and humidity around a fourth of july. upper 90's possible. dthe scandal of the best an remains at arlington national is now a criminal investigation. the fbi is looking for evidence or falsification of records. the army inspector general's s the cemetery misplaced or misidentified thousands of remains. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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